Cao Bang among Top 5 Unique Treks in Southeast Asia

Cao Bang among Top 5 Unique Treks in Southeast Asia

Skycanner, a website of Singapore has recently released a list of Top 5 Unique Treks in South East Asia, including Cao Bang province in the North West of Vietnam. Therefore, Cao-Bang is expected to welcome more foreign visitors, especially Singaporeans. For more than 30 days in Vietnam, a Singaporean visitor need to apply for Vietnam Visa.

According to the website, blessed with numerous mountains, caves and lakes, including the awe-inspiring Ban Gioc Waterfalls with its cascading turquoise waters, Cao-Bang is dream of every hiker.

Cao Bang
Cao Bang waterfall

Covering 6,724 square kilometres, the mountainous province of Cao-Bang is now home to many Viet Nam’s ethnic minority groups; including the Tay, Nung, Dao, San Chay and H’mong. In addition, Cao Bang has several well-known historical interest sites; and natural landscapes such as the Pac Po cave, Coi Bin Church and Ban Gioc Waterfalls. So, visiting the province, trekkers have a chance not only to discover the land but also discover its diverse culture.