Fast facts about Vietnam Visa

1. Vietnam Visa Exemption

visa to vietnam


Not all foreign travelers to Vietnam need visa. Some of them are exempted from visa for a certain period of time. Therefore, check who get Vietnam visa exemption here:

2. 2 ways to apply for Vietnam visa

At the moment, there are two ways to obtain a Vietnam visa:

Firstly, apply for visa at local Vietnam embassy;

Then, apply for Vietnam visa on arrival;

3. Who can get Vietnam visa on arrival?

While all travelers to Vietnam can apply for visa at Vietnam embassy, only those traveling to Vietnam by air can use visa on arrival.

4. Not all travelers to Vietnam by air can apply for visa on arrival

In fact, there are still nationals who are not supported with visa on arrival. To check whether your nationality is supported or not, click here:

5. It is not allowed to enter Vietnam earlier than granted arrival date

If this is the case, a new visa should be applied.

6. It is difficult and costly to get visa extended now

Getting Vietnam visas extended is currently more difficult and costly than ever. In many case, travelers are recommended to leave Vietnam and then come back with a new visa as it is even easier and less costly.

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