Ha Giang: Discover a new most beautiful cave

Ha Giang: Discover a new most beautiful cave

According to the announcement from authorities of the northern province of Ha Giang; a new cave in the famous Dong Van Geopark has been discovered. It is described as the provincial most beautiful cave, the local newspaper reported.

The new cave was said to be geologically very important and treasure huge tourism potential; although the details of the finding and the cave itself are still sketchy. The beauty of the cave may capture every visitor’s heart at first sight as it boasts a system of ancient stalactites; and stalagmites that are yet to be stained by human touch.

Also, the rocks in the cave have been naturally-designed in various shapes, including a curtain, a comb, a tower, and even a flower.

Thus, the provincial authorities set plan to close off the newly discovered cave; before making plans to turn it into a promising attractive tourist attraction in Vietnam. A tour to explore the cave’s expected to bring new experience for those who are fan of adventure tour in Northern mountainous regions of Vietnam.

Here are some photos of this new cave:

Discover Ha Giang cave

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