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What Items Should Bring As Hand Luggage On Airplane

Travelling by aircraft, aside from preparing left- luggage, hand luggage is also time- consuming. What items should bring as hand luggage on airplane? Visaonlinevietnam.org will give you some useful tips.

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The important paper in your luggage is identity papers. If you travel abroad, make sure that you prepare Identity card, passport, and already booked tickets. Many tourists were caught between a rock and a hard place when just some minutes left for check- in without important papers. Before stepping out of the house, you need to check carefully the important papers during the flight.

The personal papers loss is more serious than normal things. You should always carry important papers by your side.

Especially for overseas students, admission papers or other important papers should be placed in hand luggage. Do not put such these papers into left- luggage when flying abroad. Your luggage can be sent straight to the next transit flight, so you cannot take those papers to submit them.


Prepare denomination of the country you are going to travel to.

You should not leave money inside left- luggage. The best way is to prepare denomination of the country you are going to travel to. In your wallet, should have cash in necessary situations.


For long flights, you should prepare some fast food such as snack, fruits, etc. to ensure you are too hungry as well as providing energy when the meal has not been served yet. In addition, you can save your budget because food at the airport is quite expensive.

Should choose dry and no scent snacks

You should avoid smelly food choices. Under the provisions of the airport, food with water such as coconut or jackfruit, durian with strong smell will not be carried. Remaining dry foods such as sticky, bread, fruits, etc. can bring to eat during the journey.


Should not forget mobile phone even you are already at the airport, you still need to contact your relatives for sudden problems. Moreover, prepare some your favorite songs and headphone for long flights. This tip is useful for air sick people.

Contact equipment should be brought.

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